unknown, reveal thyself

to embody the goddess within
is to set wild woman free
free from boundaries and limits
sensing the earth beneath her feet

the warm soil is one of her strengths
deeply she breathes in the air
pollution is but a mere illusion
lungs, impervious to all occlusions

the bewilderment of the night
in darkness, victory thunders and cries
upon the land a new song of battle
singing the wilderness of her heart

submission, an impossible task
embracing all creation she must
smokes and mirrors of what she is not
a shield of impeccability in her hands

east, west, north, south, she looks and finds
a child as pure as cosmic light
a precious hand she lifts up to hers
in tears she comprehends their might

the unknown she is, but takes her hand
in whole silence they interact
both guide the will of heaven’s scheme
the graceful unfoldment of the one

Written by Nathalie Markoch | © VAGUE NEBULAS

subtle changes

subtle changes in the ground
fractal glimpses of the unknown
daring actions to just stroke
next envisioned stepping stones

no directions to cling to
path is twisted, that’s for sure
sacred knowledge to peek through
ancient rites to feel one’s truth

hidden frauds kept morphing me
pressure will just end bloodstained
hold my breath, turned eyes within
deep in black, high magic begins

ever-changing colors as fog spirals dance
to a rhythm, no one can stand
numbers pass through me like codes
in a trance, formlessness forms

emotions impossible to comprehend
as reason turns numb, I don’t mind, I don’t care
purity of the waves of light are shown
laughter echoes in the halls of gold

sight returns, yet focused on the walls
some cold pictures frame the old
goosebumps tracing down my arms
realizing I’m no longer downed

Written by Nathalie Markoch | © VAGUE NEBULAS

there is no use

it feels like a blur
that moment in time
the essence of life
keeps fading away

it happened at once
the stories of strife
a vision so blinding
all kept falling apart

in mourning I dreamt
one spirit is shattered
in two they became
mere shadows that slumber

but needless to say
I just kept on going
kept pushing away
black tears started falling

what to do with this all?
is it a mirror, a challenge?
uplift the veil of dread
or to keep feeding the mirage

there’s no use to resist
to deny it’s not happening
the creation of density
all these years I´ve been dying

to uncover the truth
at least my truth in this moment
to let go of the past
of the future that’s forming

to explain what’s inside
who could decode the cosmos?
the vastness resides
in changeless change, formless matter

Written by Nathalie Markoch | © VAGUE NEBULAS

a test for resilience

a sheer path ahead
is what awaits me in the distance
forlorn to twist in the dust of this mourn
unable to stand on solid ground

fought back with all that I got ‘til that point
summoning the guile that I thought I owned
betrayed, a test for resilience was set
in silence, despite being ripped apart

serpent slithering within
as a fixed reminder
guilty conscience affixed
originating conflict

down the cliff of doubts I saw a gradient
right before the entrance of sudden hell
thoughts lost, conveying the spikes of my loathe
leading my way through this endless maze

held my breath until a punch escapes flesh
raw emotions wreak havoc amongst the rain
saw clear drops of hatred fall against me
sleeping through the layers of palliatives

reset certain traits
defiance against your ruthlessness
can’t bring myself to discard this weight
brushing up against this gravelly ledge

tears strike yet why do I act plain numb?
in seclusion I’ve found my fiend console
useless, although all they see is strength
though mindless, in death I must conquer pain

sudden fear can’t prevail
a test of resilience was placed in me
bring forth the ancient norms carved in stone
the night shall install all those foreign forms

payback won’t serve as a purpose once more
the days when revenge was my highest low
dreamless, some effort must I have to fake
a starter, clean slate to transmute this rage

Written by Nathalie Markoch | © VAGUE NEBULAS